Funk, as in: “in one”


In a funk the last few days, and the pore leetle “blog that tried” has been neglected, as have other pursuits, such as dishwashing and vacuuming.

So whither this gray cloud of slack? Things all too real, as well as all too trivial.

Too much work, for one thing. Worked both days this weekend at Job 2 and it was nuts there. I have been applying myself more than usual to Job 1, which is actually a good thing, but I’m not used to it.

Then there is the war, and the miserable and craven responses by Cheney and Bush to the fifth annniversary and the 4,000th American casualty.

I’m also downcast at the current Clinton vs. Obama slapfighting, and the whole circus in general.

Not going to Eschacon, much as I don’t like admitting it, sucks. It’s like being home with the mumps, watching all the other kids get ready for summer camp. (Yes, that actually happened to the small lesbian child that was me.)


(and yeah, it further sucks that I can’t find a decent original Shepherd illustration and had to resort to the Disney version. )

UPDATED: To include proper Eeyorage, graciously supplied by the hardworkin’ gals down in the third basement of the voluminous Virgotext, Inc. reference department.


(thanks, racy)


5 Responses

  1. oh my. A disney eeyore. I am going to find a useful pot. And put some happy pills in it.

    Check your mail.

  2. Oh… that kind of Useful Pot …

  3. *schnorgles you*

    I forget who told me this, in relation to a professional funk I was in, but it holds true for personal ones as well: “Slumps are like the common cold. No matter what you do, they last about two weeks.”

    I’ve found that hugging furry animals what happen to be around the house usually helps, though.


  4. while not a cure, a dab of this will provide temporary relief from some symptoms:

  5. oh, it’s a daily stop, jk. And yeah, does wonders, as do my own furries. The bird’s gotten a wing clip and that’s helped some too. Peace and happiness may be returning to my multispecies household.

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