Rolling rolling rolling

I’m going to an auction tomorrow. The university has a twice-annual surplus property auction wherein all manner of items get sold at dirt cheap prices. I went to the preview today and took a look at the lots for sale. I was originally hoping to get an old wooden desk, maybe a task chair, a couple of small filing cabinets. And there are many such items to be had, but I encountered something else… and I must have it.

It’s a large, exceptionally well-made, leather desk chair, still in excellent condition despite some wear on the leather. Weighs a ton, solid as a rock. Unlike the myriad other task chairs, office chairs, and dining room chairs, this one is in a lot all by itself. Probably at least 20 years old, real leather, real heavy thick wooden legs and arms, huge metal casters that still roll smoothly. As is often said, “they don’t make ’em like this anymore.”

I want this chair.

Wish me luck.


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