I got the chair. It’s not as old as I first thought but it’s an excellent chair, all roomy and leathery and comfortable (it’s like buttah!) and a steal at 40 bucks.


Also got two desks. Both were in a lot together, one a small wooden one and the other a massive metal one with a great formica desktop. I’m going to paint the small one, put it next to the kitchen, and use it for bill-paying, cookbook-reading, etc. The big one will be my office desk.


I also got two rolling AV shelves. I’ll use those in the garage. Lots of stuff was in big lots. I’d have liked to get a filing cabinet but I just don’t need seven of them, no matter how cheap. Same with the task chairs and televisions, lab tables, etc. I resisted the urge to buy an old-style library card catalog on which a bunch of folks were bidding an outrageous amount of money.

The auctioneer was extremely entertaining:


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