Houston (on everything)


The good:

Steve fuckin’ Earle. Crappy venue, spotty turnout, drunken howling audience members but he brought it on every damn song, and and he and Allison Moorer dissed the administration and the Republicans and the media at every available opportunity.

The tzatziki at Niko Niko’s

2 out of 3 margaritas at King Biscuit

Catching up on the Eschacon lowdown

Poodle ear plush

racy’s 3 a.m. riff on subprime lending

The bad:

The constant humidity.

Verizon Wireless theatre.

Concert-goers at the above-named venue. Austin and New York have spoiled me. It felt like we’d somehow stumbled into a suburban Baptist church


The ugly:

My hair. See “humidity,” above. I completely gave up on making it behave and just worked the Scrooge McDuck look.

The comma-brows of the woman RM was girl-watchin’ on the patio. Also her boyfriend’s golf visor. Just.Do.Not.Understand straight girls sometimes…

(For the Terry Allen-impaired, reference for the post title)


3 Responses

  1. Verizon is not the best of venues, for sure! Glad the concert was good. I have been there for Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson and it’s like for the prices and fees paid by us silly attendees, we aren’t supposed to ask for airconditioning?!?!? Luckily, both shows were good despite the place.
    I, too, have been shocked at my brother/sister attendees – I dressed especially goth-ish for the MM concert thinking I would still manage to be more tame than anyone…(even w/my white powdered face and red eyeshadow). Nope, I was overdressed. Most everyone else was in jeans and a tee-shirt or tank…??!?!? Um, “Marilyn Manson” folks, not Kenny Chesney, mmmkay? I was expecting to see ‘the freaks’, but no. There better be a more performer-attuned crowd at The Cure concert in June…but then, I don’t care, I just want to see Robert Smith, even if he is all blobby now…I still lurves him.
    Niko Niko’s IS the bomb – even if I haven’t been there in years. 🙂 King Biscuit rocks!
    Sorry y’all had to beat a hasty back and no meeting up, but some other time for sure.
    (and, hey, the humidity wreaks havoc on hair, but it’s great for our skin! I just try to keep ponytail holders on hand)

  2. The Houston Press Blogger reviewed the Steve Earle Show.

    “But I suspect I was in the minority. The dumbass in front of me kept shouting “Telephone Road” between every song; at one point, after one of his braying calls someone nearby hollered “Westheimer.” He also hurled “Fuck Obama” during Earle’s only political ramble of the evening. That guy probably wishes he had his money back. Dumb and Dumber, two grayed dickheads who sat behind us, either fiddled with their cell phones or chattered like magpies during any song they didn’t recognize or care for. Down front, Gary reported similar heckling, attitudes, and demographics. Earle responded once to a “Telephone Road” bellow by saying, “I guess you’ve never been to one of my shows before because if you had you’d know I do whatever the fuck I want.””

  3. They should teach John Walker Blues as a folksong in elementary school. Hell, Guthrie got in, Communist rabble-rouser that he was…

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