Friday night video jukebox: Didn’t it? You know it did!

From 1965, the glorious Sister Rosetta Tharpe in a live performance in Manchester, England. Few performers have influenced such a wide and varied swath of musicians— Elvis, Little Richard, The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, to name just a handful. A musical prodigy, Tharpe began playing guitar at the age of six in 1927 and didn’t stop till shortly before her death in 1973.

RIP, Harvey Korman

Frack me

This is one of those things I assume that everyone else in the world, at least all those kewler than me, has already seen.

Nonetheless, with no fix last Friday, I am already jonesing and thus, have watched this far too many times…

hee hee hee

Alejandro. Acoustic.

Where I’ll be tomorrow night.

Just listening to a neighbor strum on the guitar. No big.

Do I live in a great town village or what?

Below, Alejandro with some guy from Jersey.

Wild babies

It’s that time of year again, so let’s review:

What do you do if you find a tiny fawn all by itself?


Very good! Carry on.

Eat It!

Stumbled across this over at the fabulaire Shapely Prose. I laughed so loud I think I scared the office’s student admin.

The video was originally produced by InfoMania, on the site.

Hot hike

Went on a hike yesterday morning on some new land recently obtained by the City of Austin Water Quality Protection program. For the most part, it was a great hike and the acreage is gorgeous. About three/quarters of the way through, on our way back, I got overheated during an uphill climb across a ridge. Not heat exhaustion or anything too serious, just way too freaking hot, and I’d have to say it was my fault for not pacing myself and trying to go too fast. The last leg of the hike was therefore pretty tough, and I was embarrassed and angry at myself to boot. I wasn’t the only casualty — a college student got into some fire ants and had a bad allergic reaction and a fellow Master Naturalist hurt his back pretty bad. We couldn’t just stop, though. There was no way out except to hike it.

Overall, still a good day though.

It threatened rain in the morning but didn’t deliver much, just enough to make it hot and muggy.

Canopy, from on high.

Classic upland grassy savannah.

Old school Friday cat blogging

Ira, supine.

A vagina or two too far

Bossy is certainly not the first straight girl to fall for Rachel.

But she may be the funniest one. From a post entitled, “The Only Thing Standing Between Bossy And Her New Husband Is A Vagina. Or Two:”

Rachel Maddow currently has her own radio show on Air America, and that radio show is called The Rachel Maddow Show, most likely because the title Bossy’s New Husband Rachel Maddow’s Show was already taken.


In fact, the only thing Bossy doesn’t love about Rachel Maddow is the fact that Rachel Maddow is already committed to longtime partner Susan Mikula. Which actually means there are three vaginas standing between Bossy and her new husband. And for a straight girl that’s at least two vaginas too many.

h/t Nancy, whose own take on The Maddow is also amusing.

UPDATE: Do take time to read the comment thread at Bossy’s place, because you just can’t have too many “vaginas.”

yes we can yes we can yes we can yes we can

For Tlazolteotl and flock: