Friday (vintage) pet blogging

Back when Alfie was a wee thing. Still a terror but a wee terror. They still do this, btw.

3 Responses

  1. Got a similar deal at our house. Jack owns Pete, a dog who when outside kills anything in his path, but is helpless to a cat whom he outweighs by 50 pounds.

  2. oh, snabby, those are wonderful.

    The rough-housing between the two here in my pic has gotten a little more athletic now that Alfie is older and bigger (and meaner) but when he was tiny, Possum, a young dog without a lot of impulse control, was exquisitely patient and gentle with him. It was something to see.

  3. V’tex – that sure looks like a ‘soft kronsche’ to me! 🙂
    Snabby, great pics!
    My two cats are just crackheads – they get in grooming fights every half hour or so…goobers.


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