… Is this thing on?

Wow, this place looks a lot like a blog I used to have. It’s been so long since I posted though, I’m just not sure.

I fell off the internets, and they drove off without me.

An unexpected power outage on Saturday left about half the town, including me, without power for about an hour. When the power came back on, I couldn’t get back on the internet. I tried the usual tweaks, to no avail.

1) I have satellite broadband, so if things go completely kaput, there’s a limit to what I can fix by myself.

2) I live in a tiny town (it’s actually a village. No, really.) up in the hills and my internet provider is a small company run by just a couple of folks. Nice guys, but things don’t happen fast.

The sun set Saturday evening on a place with no broadband. Like Willie said,

“I wandered through the darkness, my footsteps were unsure.

I lived within a world that had no sunshine.”

Actually, I just had to resort to watching television, going outside … talking on the phone … reading …

I even had to socialize. Twice. With real, live people!

Three and half days passed. Long, but mostly uninteresting, story short, I got my reprogrammed router back from my provider yesterday. Just in time for First Draft‘s Indiana/North Carolina primary Crack Van. Six Hours in the Crack Den, waiting for the votes from Gary. (Sung to the tune of “Six Days on the Road.”) You know, really, ya’ll… I will vote for the Democratic nominee and all, no matter what…but with all my heart, I wish HRC would stand the fuck down. I also wish the MSM would do the honorable thing, shoot itself into the sun, and that a living, breathing real free press would arise from its ashes.

Yeah. So, anyway the tubes are back on here at casa virgo.


5 Responses

  1. like the jackalope pic

  2. hey, I only hang out in the swankiest establishments

  3. Yep, nothing screams Hill Country “village” like a mounted jackalope and Titos! 🙂 Perfect! Sorry about the broadband loss, thankfully only temporary AND fixed before Crack Van! 🙂 :punch3 :wookie :chainsaw
    Oh crap, I forgot, what’s that other Austin-area vodka you mentioned in the Crack Van?

  4. I mentioned Tito’s because three different people had mentioned it to me during the previous week. Someone else mentioned the other one- maybe David from Austin? I dont’ remember the brand name.

    But apparently there’s ALSO one made in Dripping Springs.

    or as we say around here, Drippin’

  5. Good to hear you’re back. Or read. Or whatever.

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