Friday night video jukebox: La Ditto

I have this fantasy of setting Beth (of course, w/ Brace and Hannah driving the sound) loose on Chimpy, and the power of the funk and the punk and the belly and the boob and the butt and the beat is just too much, even the Secret Service can’t withstand it, and the whole evil cabal is brought to its knees.

Live in Liverpool site


2 Responses

  1. Darn you, VT — I was just going to put this clip up over at the homepage.

    But I’ll say what I was going to here instead…

    To wit —

    If I was fifteen and deeply alienated and/or gay, I have no doubt I would love, nay, lurve this band. Because they would be talking to me.

    But since I’m not, all I hear is just another band without a bass player, all of whom (save for the White Stripes, maybe) suck by definition. And that includes Sleater/Kinney, who had a lot more on the ball than this bunch, both musically and in terms of sexual politics.

    It’s an affectation, is what I’m saying, and an annoying one.


  2. Completely fair assessment.

    My affection for them has much much less to do with music than it does with the other piece you mention. Even though my queer, fat 15 year old self is light years away in time, it’s still a part of me, and had I seen this band back then, it would have been revelatory.

    That said, they still have something to say for the queer, fat, 50 year old too. As a citizen, and more so , as an individual, I am done forever with being invisible. I will not take it from my government or from an individual I come into contact with. Yeah, sometimes there is safety in it, and sometimes I can use it to my advantage, but the vast majority of the time, I choose, I want, to be seen/heard/taken into account.

    But, and this is, it seems, difficult for others not in the same place I am to really completely understand, it’s a constant struggle. I know when I’m being seen and when I’m being looked through or over by someone with conformist expectations, and I encounter the latter often, sometimes daily.

    The sexual politics of bands like Gossip and Sleater-Kinney may seem affected. Hell, they may be affected. But for a lot of people they are closer than anything served up by many of the musically better, politically astute “hipper” bands – bands that for all the “alt’ or “indie” still reside firmly within the gender-conformist, sexuality-conformist, and body size-conformist world.

    This response isn’t as articulate as I’d like but it’s all I got for now.

    (andHannah Billie is a kick ass drummer)

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