A vagina or two too far

Bossy is certainly not the first straight girl to fall for Rachel.

But she may be the funniest one. From a post entitled, “The Only Thing Standing Between Bossy And Her New Husband Is A Vagina. Or Two:”

Rachel Maddow currently has her own radio show on Air America, and that radio show is called The Rachel Maddow Show, most likely because the title Bossy’s New Husband Rachel Maddow’s Show was already taken.


In fact, the only thing Bossy doesn’t love about Rachel Maddow is the fact that Rachel Maddow is already committed to longtime partner Susan Mikula. Which actually means there are three vaginas standing between Bossy and her new husband. And for a straight girl that’s at least two vaginas too many.

h/t Nancy, whose own take on The Maddow is also amusing.

UPDATE: Do take time to read the comment thread at Bossy’s place, because you just can’t have too many “vaginas.”


One Response

  1. I dunno about the tube show, but I did once manage to meet a vagina I didn’t like. But other than that I’m all about an eternal parade of vagina. Even though I am monogamous. I really do like them, though. I know, I’m a pig. Or a werewolf.

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