08 Pride Post #2: Funniest Dyke in the World contestant Erin Foley

I’ve decided this year’s Pride celebration is going to feature another first-ever: The Virgotext Funniest Dyke in the World Contest. Because I love me some funny dykes.

The contest will feature comedians, actors, writers, bloggers, and any other category of humorous lesbos I can scratch up. Reader voting via posts is not only encouraged, it’s downright critical. Vote now, vote often. If you don’t vote, I’ll be forced to turn the whole thing into a totalitarian sham and pick my own winner. (As if such a thing could ever happen in the good old U.S. of A….)

First up, the hysterical and drop dead gorgeous Erin Foley, who’s been tearing it up on this season’s Last Comic Standing. (I don’t watch the show because I find it confusing, but I hear she’s doing well.) Below, her classic “Gay Van,” about her mom’s worst-case scenario for what happens to lapsed Catholic lesbians.


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  1. […] yeah, we’ll be revisiting Ms. McKinnon and Ms. Goldman later, as they are both FDITW […]

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