08 Pride Post #21: Sunday morning — in church with Calpernia

One of my television guilty pleasures this past year was Transamerican Love Story with Calpernia Addams, which could have easily been a total trainwreck, and surprisingly wasn’t. Much credit for the show’s success is due to the fact that it’s impossible to not like Calpernia Addams.

Holly at Feministe has a wonderful post with an overview of the show and why it worked, Addams’ tragic backstory and subsequent activism, and her dead-on scathing Bad Questions to Ask a Transsexual.

The video below is something completely different, and I think it speaks for itself. It was filmed during Pride Week 2003 at New York’s Metropolitan Community Church.

There is something that ties this video to Holly’s post and yes, even to the (seeming) trifle of Addams’ reality dating show. It’s something too many of us have learned the hard way, one of those life lessons that underlies what GLBTQ Pride is all about:

The mistake I made at first was putting my identity in other peoples’ hands.

Amen, my sister.

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