Readings from the Book of Common Poo Flinging

This is a few days (okay a week ) old but it’s too good not to post. As to the lateness, I can only blame the tardiness and/or complete dearth of local Gorilla Jesus Witnesses. Had any neat-but-modestly-dressed gorillas showed up at my door to tell me the good news, I’m certain I would have linked to Fafblog earlier.

“Gorilla Jesus was created in an accident of mad Jesus science,” says me, “when a test ape launched to earth in an experimental God rocket was transformed by exposure to cosmic Godmotron particles.”
“When the rocket crashed Gorilla Jesus survived with mysterious messiah powers,” says Giblets, “like consubstantiality and hypostatic unity and x-ray vision.”

“He was raised by humble farmer parents deep in the ape heartland,” says me, “but moved to the big city to spread his gospel a peace an love an feces-flinging to all people.”
“And so they tried an convicted Gorilla Jesus of heresy an witchcraft an they sentenced him to death,” says me. “And that’s when the robots attacked.”

As is also evident, this is actually quite timely, since it’s an example of a funny gorilla story that’s actually.. you know, funny … instead of sick and twisted.

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