Rumors…yada yada…exaggerated, OR “I’m not dead. Yet.”

Well, it’s Spanish and it’s wet. As is/was T.S. Edouard, who was supposed to bring me (and Central Texas) some much-needed drenching rain, but thus far… bupkis. So enjoy Bebe.  She’s hot.   And so is Central Texas.

Some may be saying, “What? Another video? Whassup w/that?”  To which I would answer, “I dunno.”

In actuality, Virgotext the blog, as you and I know it, has ceased production.  It will be replaced soon, hopefully with something better, by the end of September if not sooner. I’ll be setting up housekeeping on my very own domain.  It’s not quite the usual  Gone Fishin’ and take a break, though.  You know what they say about “Be careful what you ask for”?    Well, it’s true.  In the real world, I spent months fighting TBTB at my place of employment for some much-needed changes and I sort of won.  Now I’ve got a new title, a few more bucks, I’m supervising people, and I have to work when I’m at work, and when I’m not, I be one tired virgo fer sure.  So, in one sense, I am taking a bit of break. In the other, not so much.

Till the new improved Virgotext rises from the ashes, I’ll post a video or two or four here, plus I’m keeping the flame alive over at Nupac, blogging on Generation Kill. If  you aren’t watching this show, what’s wrong with you?  At the very least, go get the book.

Also, best for last, it seems all that crack van driving has paid off. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting over at First Draft on Wednesdays. I know! Can you believe it?

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations, girl. Lotsa good news. Sounds exhausting. In a good way.

  2. Yup, W.Venus, it is.

    Oh, and the rain finally got here…

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