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Span? It’s more of a dangling suspension bridge actually….

As mentioned previously, there’s a new virgoblog comin’ round the bend. Really, it’s rolling down the track. Its arrival is imminent.

Why do I suddenly have the theme from Petticoat Junction in my head?

Anyway, something I spend a big slice of my life dealing with, but have hardly ever blogged about before, will be getting more attention in the the new joint:  Productivity.  Life hacking. Getting stuff done.

Why, you say?  Because it’s become a bit of obsession over the past couple of years.

But why, you say? Because it had to.

But why… jesus christ, you are annoying!  Because!  Had I not learned new ways to do stuff, I’d be on the street livinging in a refigerator box.  Actually, I doubt I’d be able to afford a box that big. I’d probably just have a couple of shoe boxes to keep my feet dry.

Don’t say it.  Because of the way my brain is.  (clinical term: How I roll) Because of the nature of what I am required to do in order to make a living wage. (clinical term: Surviving)  Because of the nature of what(s) I simply cannot help but do because I enjoy it/them and it/they bring(s) deeper meaning to my existence. (clinical term: Thriving) Because of all those things and their intermingled relationships with each other, as well as with the time/space continuum, I need special tools. The extent to which I have survived, even thrived a bit, is due to my learning how to put these tools and techniques to use. Without a doubt, I have a lot left to learn.

But.   No, I don’t think they are all just gimmicks, I’m not in a cult,  and no, I can’t do what I do without help. YMMV. LLAP.

But. Okay, yes. Maybe they are just crutches.  But, seriously, have you been reading my blog? What part of “Virgotex’s brain is a wandering flock of circular-thinking mountain goats hopping from crag to crag to …. DEEeeep crevaaaaaaaassssse” don’t you understand?

To whit, some thoughts on Time and Attention by Sensei Merlin Mann.

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