Barbara Jordan video!

Big Virgo thanks to commenter Rich for the link  to the AVoice:  Women of the Congressional Black Caucus site, which has video files of Barbara Jordan’s speech at the 1974  Nixon impeachment hearings and her keynote speech at the 1976 Democratic National Convention. Files are in Real Video format.

Listening to Barbara Jordan #7: “Who then will speak for the common good?”

Barbara Jordan, concerned about the moment, the history, the impact, seriously studied all of the Watergate hearings in review, listened attentively, and indicated to all of us that she viewed this Constitution as a serious document and would not view it and see it be diminished. She took this role seriously, and she was concerned […]

Listening to Barbara Jordan #6: “A President is impeachable if he attempts to subvert the Constitution.”

The rest of the hearing remarks are all here. It’s a longer clip than the others but honestly, there is not a good place to cut it. This is Barbara Jordan on the killing floor. This was a woman who understands history, who illustrates time and again that we are, with every action, with every […]

Listening to Barbara Jordan #5: “Indignation so great as to overgrow party interest”

from Say it Plain: It was a speech she did not initially want to make. In her autobiography, Jordan said she thought the committee should stick to fact-finding instead of speechmaking. “The reaction from the other committee members was: ‘You must be out of your head.’ It seemed they all wanted that fifteen minutes on […]

Listening to Barbara Jordan #4: “We know the nature of impeachment. We’ve been talking about it a while now.”

. The remaining posts in this series will focus on the Watergate hearings. From the transcript of KUT’s Remembering Barbara Jordan: After six years at the height of Texas politics, Barbara Jordan arrived in Washington. It was her first term as a U.S. Congress woman, and she was once again compiling a list of firsts. […]

Listening to Barbara Jordan #3: “My faith in the Constitution is whole.”

The first of these two clips, from the beginning of her opening remarks at the Watergate Impeachment hearings, is undoubtedly Jordan’s best-known moment, for good reason. What makes this address so masterful is that Jordan set aside politics to get down to the business of government, to remind people that we all had a very […]

Listening to Barbara Jordan #2: “In this kind of environment, it is understandable that change would become the watchword of this time.”

Audio excerpt from the 1992 Democratic National Convention keynote address. [splashcast BCGA1450AB] Part 1, from the 1976 convention, is here Depending on your browser, the audio may loop after it plays through once. You can page through the photos (1/9) with the top right player menu.

Listening to Barbara Jordan #1: “There is no president of the United States that can veto that decision.”

February 21 is the seventy-first anniversary of Barbara Jordan’s birth and I’ve decided to “count down” to that anniversary with series of posts to celebrate. She was a hero, a Democrat, and a force of nature whose moral authority and eloquent voice inspired so many in this country through some of our darkest days as […]

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