Three day weekend Friday petblogging

It’s Thursday but it’s the day before a three-day weekend so we can pretend it’s a Friday of sorts. Above, Alfie with his new favorite toy, improvised out of a hair band and a Lucite ring (from an old parrot toy), hung from a chair with the stretchy cord from a pair of sweat pants. Hours of enjoyment, not a penny spent.

Old school Friday cat blogging

Ira, supine.

Friday (vintage) pet blogging

Back when Alfie was a wee thing. Still a terror but a wee terror. They still do this, btw.

Friday cat blogging: 98% exactly true to life

No black eyes here, just a tiny scratch across the bridge of the nose from yesterday AM. (Objects strewn about bedroom floor also a near perfect match.)

Old school Friday cat blogging: cardboard box edition


Got a new coffee maker a few weeks back.  The box is still providing hours of entertainment for both cats and the young dog.

Alfie is a funny little soul, very dog-like for a cat.

“Now it’s time to leave the capsule if you dare”


Friday multi-species household blogging

Cat outside meowing, CHECK

2nd cat, inside, meowing, CHECK

Dog glurping from nearby water bowl, CHECK

Dog snuffling wet nose in my face, CHECK

Parrot loudly riffing, CHECK

More dog glurping, CHECK.   Mmmmm, water

I love how Alfie can see me, but goes to the other door as if there’s someone he’s never met that just might live here and will let him in, since I’ve obviously lost my mind

Friday pains-in-the-ass blogging


Above, “Why can’t I eat the bird?” Below, “Why can’t I eat this delicious lead-base paint?”


Friday Cat Blogging – then and now edition


little alfie


remember how he used to be all tee-niny… just a few months ago?