Adios, Pony Boy

Time, place, kinship: these things work differently on the Internet than out here in the “real” world.

For what feels like forever but is only four years or so, First Draft‘s been a home base for me, my local, the first link of the day. And I found that place, and kept coming back at first, because of Holden.

Sure gonna miss him.

The out-of-towners

Big weekend underway. New York bigwigs watertiger, res ipsa loquitor, (and Brooklyn Girl, I think) will be flying into Austin. They’ll be mixing things up with the local, and some wider flung, Texaschatonians. The inimitable Four Legs Good will be serving as Cruise Director of this whole movable shindig/hootenany, which includes BBQ tonight, a yard party at Chez Doghiney tomorrow, and other goings-on. It is my understanding that the ladies from NY will be on the prowl for hunky cowboys. Good luck with that, ya’ll.

Homegirl racymind started the weekend off early, and got into Austin last night. We hung out, drank and dined, then headed over to the Cedar Door to the very happening Texas Progressive Blogger Caucus party, which was impressively well-attended by bloggers, delegates to the state convention, pols, reporters, etc.

Photos and more anecdotes later, I’m sure.

Houston (on everything)


The good:

Steve fuckin’ Earle. Crappy venue, spotty turnout, drunken howling audience members but he brought it on every damn song, and and he and Allison Moorer dissed the administration and the Republicans and the media at every available opportunity.

The tzatziki at Niko Niko’s

2 out of 3 margaritas at King Biscuit

Catching up on the Eschacon lowdown

Poodle ear plush

racy’s 3 a.m. riff on subprime lending

The bad:

The constant humidity.

Verizon Wireless theatre.

Concert-goers at the above-named venue. Austin and New York have spoiled me. It felt like we’d somehow stumbled into a suburban Baptist church


The ugly:

My hair. See “humidity,” above. I completely gave up on making it behave and just worked the Scrooge McDuck look.

The comma-brows of the woman RM was girl-watchin’ on the patio. Also her boyfriend’s golf visor. Just.Do.Not.Understand straight girls sometimes…

(For the Terry Allen-impaired, reference for the post title)

Sunday morning comin’ down video: little poodle dog


Mademoiselle Gabby would likely find this most unseemly:

(damn, does Marcia Ball rock or what?)

Ashley Morris Memorial Fund

The Ashley Morris Memorial Fund has been set up. Ashley is survived by a wife and three small children , a family having to cope with sudden and unexpected loss of a husband and father.

Even his most casual acquaintances know how much Ashley loved community, how much he could made them feel part of something bigger just by knowing him.

Let’s come together in community to help Ashley’s family through this very difficult time.

Please donate here.

Ashley Morris, gone too fucking soon

I barely knew him, never met him in person, but goddamn, I had so much fun during the little bit we worked together on the NuPac. I figured that when I did meet him, we’d talk for hours over a great meal and some drinks, and I looked forward to enjoying him face to face.


Visit his blog to leave words for his wife and kids.

Also, an open thread’s up at NuPac.

The Mystery of the Republican Plagiarist


Big happenings over at this a.m. It appears that detective Nancy (who is, btw, one of the crew over at NuPac) has reeled in a big ol’ plagiarist. A really big one, with some seemingly impressive bona fides:

My, my, my. Tim Goeglein, director of the White House office of public liaison, is a plagiarist.

Not an accidental or delicate one, either.

Without even breaking a sweat, sleuthy Nancy has discovered that Goeglein, in his regular column for the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel, ham-fistedly lifted portions of a 1998 essay, “What is a College Education?” by Jeffrey Hart, originally published in the Dartmouth Review.

My, my, my, indeed, Nance. This should be very interesting…

h/t to the esteemed Dr. Morris


The News-Sentinel has pulled down Goeglin’s column:

Tim Goeglein, former Fort Wayne resident and now a special assistant to President George Bush, has been accused of plagiarism over a guest column about education that we carried on our editorial page on Thursday. While we look into the matter, we have taken the column down from our Web site. We are also checking out previous guest columns of Mr. Goeglien’s that we published. We will promptly report what we find.

Also, erstwhile Atriot The Kenosha Kid has uncovered a bit more of Goeglin’s “borrowing.” From the WaPo, no less. Damn, it seems the dude doesn’t even try to hide his tracks.

UPDATED again, to add:  Be sure and read all the comments over at Nancy’s.  The story’s definitely got legs, and it’s gettin’ weirder and weirder.

All us mortals struggle so

For Spocko. Peace. LLAP.

Freedom to Marry Week

I suck at multi-tasking, so I’ve been remiss about quite a few topics lately, probably none more deserving than Freedom to Marry Week:


This week marks the 11th annual Freedom to Marry Week, February 10-16, and the number of events scheduled across the country for marriage equality continues to grow with over 100 already planned in 21 different states. It’s not too late! Join in the celebration and plan your event or simply start a conversation today about the need to end the exclusion of same-sex couples and their families from marriage.

Fortunately, other bloggers have been on the job. Good neighor Robin over at The Other Mother has been hosting a highly creative blog carnival to mark the week. The theme is Some/thing, as in “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.”

Participant posts are linked here. I bid you: GO READ and/or PARTICIPATE!

Yo! Outta tha way! I’m walkin’ here!

A milestone for the Li’l Peanut.

Get hoppin’, kiddo! Shenanigans await.