Fucking Huxtables n’ shit




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Alfie’s video debut: Death to the Feather Stick

It’s the victorious, swaggering, mighty-hunter-butt dramatic exit that cracks me up.



When Ira is in the house, the kitten follows him around, about six inches behind, or in this case, underneath, him.  For his part, Ira is relaxing somewhat but he’s still not thrilled with the new arrival.

Houseful of company!


It appears that the Internet IS in fact all about the cats. Thanks to shout-outs from the kitteh lovers in this little corner of Blogtopistan, during the last 24 hours this humble little blog had the most traffic it’s ever had.

Of course, this means I probably got a largish fraction of what most in the sub-consonant strata get every day. But it was nonetheless exciting, and Alfie even made the WordPress Top Posts of the Day: 63, bitches!

Thanks, you guys, and don’t be strangers!



Okay, so when he sleeps he’s like a tiny limp hot water bottle covered in rabbit fur AND he wants to snuggle as close as possible AND it was in the 80s today with 68% humidity AND I’m trying to hold off and not to turn on my AC yet.

What’s it all about, Alfie?

We have a name: Alfie.

Short for Alfalfa, per the hairdo.

Things are going pretty well. The kitten has been quartered in the master bathroom/bedroom with the bird cage blocking the door, affording him free egress and a place to dash into, but keeping the dogs out. (They mostly want the kitten food and to raid the kitten sandbox. (hey, they’re dogs, they can’t help it.) I was concerned about Possum the pup, which in fact, was the reason I’ve been resisting the urge to get a kitten for a while. He’s so rowdy and loves to roughhouse with the grown cat, Ira, that I was worried he’d overwhelm or harm a smaller kitty. However, with some reinforcement, Possum seems to have quickly grasped that the kitten is in the same citizen class as the parrot: inviolable, not to be chased under any circumstances. Grommit is charmed, gentle and well-behaved — he’s been around the block a few times and this is not his first kitten

Ira is not happy about the addition. He’s decided to practice actively ignoring Alfie, hoping he disappears.


Baby teefs iz sharp.

Surreptitious kitten-butt sniff. Possum finds the kitten-butt aroma irresistable.

He doesn’t have a name yet

He was sort of unexpected.