Sattiday juke: it wouldn’t be so bad if I was not so wide awake

You know I honestly do not know how many live concerts I’ve seen, between all my time in Austin and my NY years, but I never did see the Flatlanders live during their first legendary years. I did have the album — I don’t think I knew anyone that didn’t have that album.

But, anyway, I did finally see them-once- when they reunited a few years back. That was a great show, midwinter in Gruene Hall, a bitter cold night.  Well worth the wait.

I love these guys. Individually and and as a group. Poets all three. And they play them geetars pretty well too, I reckon.

Tuesday Hippie Hour: That’s the way it always goes

Probably the longest running steady gig ever in Austin was Toni Price’s Tuesday Hippie Hour at the Continental. It was legendary. For 15 years, the sultry Miss Toni, along with the best band in town, did her thing, then she up and left us. Someone asked why she was moving to California:

“Because it’s got an ocean,” she told a curious fan at her final Continental show, a twinkle in her eye. “When y’all get one, I’ll come back.”

Listening to Toni on the iPod this morning, been thinking about Hippie Hour all day. Only fitting, since it is Tuesday. Thanks for the memories, darlin’.  We’ll keep working on that ocean.

Friday barely made it through juke: What I thought it was it isn’t

Sunday morning comin’ down juke: what I’d give

My always trustworthy musical magicman Freddy gave me Rock n Roll Pony a couple of years ago, and as usual, it took me a while to get into it. As usual, he was right. Gina Villalobos grows on you. Luckily fer slowpokes like me, well for everyone, she did another album, too: Miles Away.

Friday video juke: the way you made it

Sunday morning coming down video: I think you’re just so pleasant

Brand new She & Him video!  Self-consciously precious! Shiny! Is kinda bloody, ackshuly.

Snark aside, still loving this album.  Heart hug!

“but you ain’t lived to tell it yet…”

I’ve made no secret of how I feel about Patty Griffin’s voice, intelligence, storytelling, songwriting, guitar playing, performance, etc, etc, etc. I do go on a bit, I know (she DID make time stand still that one night @ Stubbs- I was there, it happened)  but it’s not just me, folks — she IS all that, and more. Something not always apparent, at least in the crop of available Youtube videos, is how damn sexy she is. I think this one takes care of that.

I’d not heard this song either. I’d like to hear it again.

In short, as is often said ’round these parts, “Damn.”

Fin de siècle

When you haven’t updated in a week, it doesn’t matter if you post two music videos in a row.

Sun…no, Satur…day morning coming down: you’re in an awful fix

One of the best—of many — covers of one of the best songs in the world. Tracey Thorn is on my list of “phonebook” singers, as in, I’d listen to her sing it.

“It’s intriguing to watch her deal with us”

I guess irony is just pining for the fjords:

But of all the albums written from a woman’s perspective, this is one of the most accessible to men. It’s intriguing to watch her deal with us.

And I still don’t like Dave Matthews.

However, more power to him for signing Liz Phair to his rekkid label ATO, reissuing Exile in Guyville, (15 years… damn) and starting off the batting order (all male) of semi-paunchy Chicago scenesters and related dudes appearing in Phair’s homemade companion documentary Guyville Redux.

The documentary is available free for a few days only over at Pitchfork. I wouldn’t say it’s revelatory, exactly, though worth watching. But, given the impact (arguably on an entire generation of women) of the original release, would it have killed Phair to interview a chick?