Heads Past

Welcome to the virgotext Lounge for Retired Header Images.

Fickle as I am, I like changing my header and would actually prefer to have a group of random, switching, impressionistic images up there but WordPress.com (not to be confused with WordPress.org) doesn’t allow Flash or javascript, so I just change them manually. Once a month since March, 2007. Before that, I was just farting around trying to figure out what I wanted.

You know how it works, click on thumbnails for larger image.



March header

Tattoo shop sign, downtown San Marcos.


February header

I spend a lot of time in my car and it seems I’m always driving straight into the sun. I drive into the morning sun on my way to work and into the setting sun on my way home. This was taken on a very sunny but cold morning right after the new year.


January header

My only tattoo, design and placement of which I share with my ex. I was the fist, she was the flame — it was supposed to represent her inspiring me and me grounding her. In retrospect, an early warning, perhaps? Or maybe historical events just make for a radical re-reading of the original text… The more obsessive fans of Los Bros Hernandez may recognize the hand as that of Rena Titañon. (The ex was a fan, we were looking for a suitable hand picture, and she found it.) The ring o’ fire was contributed by the tattoo artist, a tiny, gorgeous dyke dom with a loft studio in SoHo.

Obviously, I need a new tattoo, and will likely get one when I figure out what and where. I love them. I believe that most folks (not all of course, some people have very real legitimate issues) who deride them likely don’t understand, or maybe don’t want, the power obtained by permanently modifying one’s body, even to such a small degree. Even though mine is a constant reminder of something now painful, it doesn’t change my feelings about having done it. It’s something I treasure, plus having it done felt really, really great.



December header

Lights along South Congress Avenue in Austin.


November header

A spot on one of my favorite all time roads to drive, the treacherously twisted and hilly Elder Hill Road, on my backroads “shortcut” to and from Austin.


October header

Other people’s cats. In this case, the best friend’s feline, Abby.


September header

Me. September is my month, so me.


August header

Sunflowers, Upper Purgatory Natural Area, San Marcos.


July header

From an aquarium at Aquarena Springs in San Marcos. There are other, newer aquaria there but this is in an older building near the glass-bottom boat dock. It’s old, dark, cramped and about 35 degrees in this quiet grotto of a building, a nice respite from the heat. The tanks feature native species from Spring Lake and nearby waters.


June header

Detail from a blurry photo of a Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta) perching on a limestone rock in my yard. I could put up an entire gallery blog of blurry nature photos, but instead, I’ll just use them as page headers.

May header

Blurry macro of one of the bumper crop of thistles that overtook the side lot at la casa de virgotex this past spring. Such outlandishly gorgeous blossoms and oh, how the butterflies and bees love them! It was like a pollen factory out there. Approaching the lot, I could hear the buzzing from 20 feet away.

April header

Not any masterpiece, just a slice of my typical reality, from the spot where most of my blogging takes place. The parrot is actually in the middle at the bottom, but I cropped him out because I wanted the chair legs and sunlight at the top.

Third header

Photo of discarded floral arrangements in a trash heap, taken at a small remote cemetery east of San Marcos. Pretty sure this was up for most of March and that’s when I decided to start changing them monthly.


Second header

Used this for about five minutes, as I recall, before realizing it put me to sleep and likely had that effect on others. Random oak mott – I think somewhere off Mt. Sharpe Road, Wimberley.

First-ever virgotext header

This is one of my favorite spots in my homebound commute. Coming up from the RR12 junction, down the hill, looking out over the Wimberley Valley. So typical of RR12: an elevated slope on a curve with no shoulder and scenic views on either side.

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  1. Enjoyed the variety of headers. Like your views on ride to and from work.

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